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Designing -> Materials -> CNC Milling
Laser milling
-> Painting -> Delivery      

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  • We make numerous difficulty sketches
  • We design 3D parts and reliefs
  • We make sketches for CNC milling also we provide visualizations
  • We copy reliefs from pictures or photos


Maximum manufacturing area:
2100mm x 3000mm x 320mm

Materials that can be manufactured:

  • MDF boards
  • HPL laminate
  • Laminated MDFs
  • MDP boards
  • Wood
  • Wood massif (solid wood)
  • Plywood
  • Organical glass (PMMA, PS) Plexiglass
  • Plastic(HDPE, HPL)
  • Styrofoam

CNC laser milling/engraving

Numeruos wood sheet engraving and cutting using CNC laser machines. Huge and complex project realization with high quality results.

Biggest advantages of this technique:

  • Speed
  • Impeccable precision
  • Thin cut line
CNC laser milling/engraving

CNC milling

  • There are two high precision CNC milling machines, that can guarantee quick production deadlines even for huge orders
  • We mill different complexity 2D,3D parts, reliefs, ornaments
  • We make interior and furniture parts
  • We also realize complex projects that involve CNC milling
CNC milling


MDF painting is usually one of the last processes of manufacturing. After this stage the product cannot be changed so this step must be done thoroughly and impeccably. We guarantee the best possible results by using highest grade painting equipment, specially designed spraying chamber and a team of highly skilled professionals.

  • Painting for milled and smooth parts
  • Varnishing, polishing, belching
  • Sanding, decorative sanding, glass painting
  • Unprimed MDF priming


We value your precious time, so we take care of the delivery of your product ourselves.


About us

The company has worked in the field CNC milling for numerous years. We make interior and furniture parts in Lithuania and in foreign countries

Our team advantages:

  • We consult, advise and offer the best possible solutions, while at the same time taking into account all the clients needs and wishes.
  • All the work and manufacturing process is controlled by us from the very start. That way we can guarantee the quality of every production step.
  • It is possible to manufacture non-standard, complex 3D reliefs.
  • High productivity is assured, because we use two highest grade CNC milling machines with vacuum suction systems for the materials.


Furniture from plywood

A collection of furniture for kids made from ecological, white laminated plywood. Minimalistic Scandinavian style, quality and longevity works great in this interior.

„Spindy“ chair

Spine chair, that was a huge hit around the world for its construction and comfort. Backed by people using „Kickstarter“. Made from hundreds of small plywood pieces that are eventually glued together.

Bench in Laisvės avenue

Restoration project for Kaunas Laisvės Avenue. Circle shaped benches made using wood that was imported from Africa.

Chess board

Made by using two different wood colors (walnut and aspen) in order to get the chess pattern.

Coffee table

Ancient Mayan calendar made from solid oak incorporated into today’s minimalistic table forms.

3D milling

Various 3D milling samples. Ranging from simple to quite complex ones.

MDF facade

Milled kitchen cupboard, bathroom cupboard and wardrobe doors.

Stair rails

A very complex project due to curves and other stair construction elements. Turning axis was also used in to fully realize this project.

“Pomodoro” pizzeria

Twelve centimeter thick “comb” shaped wall and some other openwork partition walls that are located in Vilnius Domus gallery pizzeria called “Pomodoro”.

Bar “Nektaras”

Juice bar located in Vilnius Akropolis. A logo stripe spanning six meters, made from shell coated MDF panel.


Flooring made with different colors and types of solid wood. Original and fancy.

“Courchevel leg”

An unusual shaped table leg, which is made from different plywood segments. This project is now used in Courchevel, France resort.

Self-Service – Order using self-service

This is a new project that brings never before seen solutions to the Lithuanian furniture manufacturing and interior designing market. Here you will find an automated system where you could order the following items: kitchen and bathroom facades, exclusive floor and ceiling edgings, openwork partitions and radiator covers.

Facades / Furniture doors

We offer you high quality doors used in kitchen or bathroom cupboards. All the doors are made individually by your chosen style and are painted by your chosen color. This way your interior will look stunning, fancy and exceptional.

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Floor and ceiling edgings

We have a wide assortment of edgings so that our clients may choose the best possible solution to their interior. Chose the style with color and we will manufacture your product fast and with great quality.

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Openwork partitions and radiator covers

This is an interior part that is widely used in Asia and now it becomes more popular in other continents as well. Separate your home, office or workplace area without building any unnecessary walls.

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